Birthday Idea: Make a Meal of Retro Recipes

Birthday Idea: Make a Meal of Retro Recipes

Anjali Prasertong
Jun 23, 2011

Yesterday we showed you some recipes from the 1970s that are probably best left in the past, but the Smithsonian's Food & Think blog found a way to actually showcase great but forgotten recipes: by making a birthday meal from recipes published during the year of your special someone's birth. Chicken véronique and grasshopper pie, anyone?

Food & Think's Lisa Bramen made a birthday dinner for her husband using recipes from 1978 that she found in the New York Times online archives. In addition to the chicken and pie, she prepared curried rice and a not-quite-era-appropriate salad with greens from her garden. Despite the excess of cream — one carton for the chicken, one carton in the dessert! — this is such a fun idea.

Membership is required to access the New York Times online archives, but you could try looking for recipes in The Essential New York Times Cookbook, or check the online archives of your local library or local paper.

Check it out: Tastes Like Disco: A Meal From 1978 from Food & Think

Have you ever made a meal like this?

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(Image: Flickr member avikovacevich licensed under Creative Commons)

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