Video: Jell-O Bouncing in Super-Slow Motion

Video: Jell-O Bouncing in Super-Slow Motion

Ready to be mesmerized? Check out this beautifully-shot video of cubes of Jell-O bouncing at 6,200 frames per second.

Feel the jiggle after the jump!

Filmed by the kitchen team who worked on the six-volume book Modernist Cuisine, the video is one of a handful the team has released to show food science in action. They are all pretty incredible, but the video of a single kernel of popcorn popping — jumping out of the oil like a bird taking flight — has to be our favorite.

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The team is taking suggestions for high-speed actions in the kitchen that can be filmed and slowed down to human eye speed. Are there any blink-of-an-eye cooking moments you would like to see in slow motion?

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(Image: Flickr member stevendepolo licensed under Creative Commons)

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