Video: iSi Fortune Teller Get-It Finger Guard

Video: iSi Fortune Teller Get-It Finger Guard

Faith Durand
Mar 31, 2008

We've predicted that silicone is on its way out, but we saw more of it than ever at the 2008 Home and Housewares Show. Silicone's heat-resistant properties are still super popular in commercial product design for the kitchen. Here's a whimsical pot holder and finger guard from iSi - watch the video to see its rather unique function.

Photos below - this is a clever little design that might actually be very useful to cooks looking for potholders and oven gloves.

The Finger Guard sits stiff and upright on your counter and you just stick your fingers in and grab hot pot handles or hot food, like that egg. It's waterproof and heat-resistant, which does make it good for snagging hot food.

We don't know if we would use this, but some cooks might find that it works very well with their cooking styles. And, as you can see from the video above, some parents might really enjoy the fortune teller version of this little silicone tool!

• This will be available soon from iSi North America.

(Images: Video and packaging image: Faith Hopler for The Kitchn; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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