A Mesmerizing Tip for Better Masala Chai

A Mesmerizing Tip for Better Masala Chai

Emily Han
Jun 27, 2012

Whether making masala chai is something new to you or part of your regular routine, this video by filmmaker Eric Slatkin is worth watching, and not only for the excellent soundtrack. We've been making this tea for years and yet we learned an interesting technique at the 1:40 mark…

The recipe comes from the filmmaker's friend Rajen Shah, and it calls for bringing the mixture to a boil and then raising and lowering it three times to mix all the ingredients together. It's a mesmerizing little sequence in a beautifully done video.

By the way, if you think it's too hot for masala chai, try it iced!

Check out more work from High Beam: highbeam on Vimeo

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(Video: High Beam)

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