Video: Go Urban Foraging With Art and Sky Full of Bacon

With spring knocking on our door and green things coming up out of the earth, we've been thinking about all the good things about to grow wild in the woods and fields. Wild mustard greens are coming, along with ramps and morels too! But did you know that you can find wild things growing right in the city? Take a tour of some of the delicious edible herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables growing out of Chicago's urban landscape in this video from Sky Full of Bacon. The best part is that chef and blogger Art Jackson is leading this tour — you may know him just as art.

Sky Full of Bacon is a Chicago-based food blog and podcast by Michael Gebert; you can see more of his episodes and writing here:

Sky Full of Bacon

Art Jackson is a chef in Chicago, and you can see his own blog here:

Pleasant House - A joint collaboration between Art, his amazing co-chef (and wife) Chel, and their very adorable dog, Porkchop.

We especially liked Art's blog posts on urban foraging: Urban Prairie: Foraging: Looking at Your Surroundings in a New Way: Black Chokeberry Syrup Recipe, and Urban Prairie: Foraging: Foraged Ingredients Tell You How to Cook Them.

Do you do any urban foraging? Are you planning any trips out to the country this spring to look for morels, ramps, or other wild things?

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