Video: Breville's Smart "Lift and Look" Toaster

Video: Breville's Smart "Lift and Look" Toaster

Faith Durand
Mar 20, 2008
Cool Hunting recently ran a High Tech Toaster Challenge, looking at four new high-end toaster models. The top winner was this Breville Smart Toaster, with its countdown LED panel, slow bread submerge, and a button labeled "A Bit More" to get your bread just to that perfect toasty state. It's not on the market yet, but we checked it out at the Housewares Show!

You hear us chuckling over the "Lift and Look" function - it pops your bread up so you can take a look and puts it back down again. More toaster details below...

So, what do you think? (Pardon the Blair Witch style video - we're new at this...) This is somewhat overkill for our own limited toasting needs but there was something charming and even playful about this toaster in a way that we expected to feel over-designed but just didn't.

Cool Hunting gave it high points. We now have one of these in our office and it's been both hugely fun and functional as well. We'll post info when we get retail info.

Breville USA official website

We also posted another of the Cool Hunting top toaster candidates here: Alessi Toaster with Bun Warmer.

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