Video: Alton Brown Rags on Paula Deen

Video: Alton Brown Rags on Paula Deen

Faith Durand
Apr 1, 2008

It's April Fools and the sun is shining, so here's a bagatelle of a video from the Housewares show. It's just Alton Brown, doing some of his schtick. He followed Paula Deen at the cooking theatre, where celebrities come to promote the products they endorse and give the crowds a good time. Nothing too in depth - a mere trifle - but if you're an Alton fan, take a look...

And yes, our Housewares coverage is stretching on and on, isn't it? We didn't want to flood you with hot tips and trends all at once; but we'll wrap up our regular coverage of the show this week. Look for more good products and helpful tools that we found in the weeks to come, though, as they hit the market and become available for sale.

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