Victory Garden of Tomorrow

Victory Garden of Tomorrow

Dana Velden
Sep 9, 2011

Joe Wirtheim's Victory Garden of Tomorrow project produces posters, postcards, t-shirts and tea towels to encourage home gardening, canning, chicken raising, and to promote the values of work, self-reliance and creating a better future. His designs are bold and modern, but his message is grounded in American history. His humorous take on old victory garden posters of the past would make a nice addition to your kitchen wall. Or sling a flour-sack tea towel over your oven door handle to dry.

Joe began his project in Columbus Ohio where he was looking for a way to make art that had meaning and relevance. He was influenced by the victory garden and other self-reliance encouraging propaganda posters of the past and soon Victory Garden of Tomorrow: New American Propaganda was born.

Joe started with posters, both hand-printed silkscreens and mechanically produced offset, but has also added postcards, stickers, t-shirts and tea towels to his line of goods for sale. He now lives, eat, works and bikes in Portland, Oregon and continues promoting and supporting a more sustainable lifestyle. You can find and buy Joe's products on his Etsy site.

Get It:
We've Done it Before poster, $18 on Etsy.
You Gonna Eat That? and More Production flour-sack tea towels, $10 each on Etsy.

More information: Joe's Victory Garden of Tomorrow website

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(Image: Victory Garden of Tomorrow)

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