10 Smart Vertical Storage Ideas from Real Kitchens

10 Smart Vertical Storage Ideas from Real Kitchens

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 25, 2014

In a perfect world we would all have vast expanses of kitchen cabinets to hold pots in perfectly organized rows, like an art gallery. Every plate would have its own rack. Glasses would never be never double stacked and spices would never fall out of your pantry when the door is opened quickly.

Dream on! All that would be great, but back in the real world, we make the most of our spaces — and one of the best solutions is to think up, up, up! Here are 10 real-life kitchens that do this well.

Need Storage? Start With Your Walls

There isn't a single thing in your kitchen that we haven't, at one point or another, tried to hang on the wall. Seriously, try us! We've talked about spices, pot lids, pots and pans, small appliances, utensils and more!

Heck, there have even been DIY options for stacking things in cabinets without scratching, forgoing cabinets all together, easy rack repurposing tips, all those frustrating items like bakeware and linens and more!

Stack, Hang, Go Vertical

But the walls aren't the only way to stack, hang, or go vertical. You've got a problem? We've got a solution and so do these everyday kitchens. It's one thing to tell you how to do something, but these folks are actually doing it!

Check out the gallery above for a behind the scenes look at some everyday vertical storage options that you can do yourself, no matter how small your space or how many cast iron pans or baking supplies you have!

10 Kitchens With Smart Vertical Storage Solutions

(Image credit: Houzz)

More organized pantries: Still looking for a little more inspiration? Check out these 10 amazing pantries that are organized beautifully. Sometimes it's about maximizing the vertical storage you already have instead of creating it from scratch.

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