Vermont Marble Crank Peppermill

Our bent for the old-fashioned is completely satisfied by this Vermont Marble Crank Peppermill. It's made of copper finished stainless steel, 8 inches tall, and quite heavy, we imagine. It's practically a steampunk artifact with all those gears and wheels.

We've talked about our favorite pepper grinders before; this Perfex Pepper Mill is still very dear to us. It's similarly heavy-built and old-fashioned, unlike the Krups Fast Touch Grinder we use for fine grinds and spice mixes.

This Vermont peppermill is more similar, though, to a coffee grinder from Coffee Week...

These Arcade coffee grinders from that week's eBay Scavenger are big, with a long crank and wonderfully thick glass jars. They remind us of this mill. See more images in that post, along with a link to Maxwell's coverage of the Spong coffee grinders.

Anyway, back to the pepper mill - this looks like a heavy piece of machinery and we like it. Anyone own one?

Vermont Marble Crank Peppermill, $34.95 - The Kitchen Store at J.K. Adams

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