Vegetarian Main Dish to Accompany Sweet Corn Puree?

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Q: I recently started making delicious corn puree with all of the summer corn we're swimming in. My problem is what to serve it with — when you're a vegetarian.

I've seen it used effectively as a bed for fish and other proteins, but my few attempts to use it in vegetarian meals haven't been great (once as a sauce for pasta with tomatoes and once in a veggie pie). It's great on its own, but I think it begs to be used with something else in a dish. Suggestions?

Sent by Hilary

Editor: Hilary, first of all, corn puree sounds absolutely delicious. Secondly, here's one option we found online. Brian Hauke, Head Chef at the Red Stag Supper Club served it with tortelloni, mushroom duxelle, and pecorino tuscano. Sounds yummy!

Recipe: Red Stag Supper Club's Corn Puree

Readers, any good ideas for Hilary's corn puree?

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