Useful, Beautiful Kitchen Gifts Under $25

Gifts for Food-Lovers & Cooks

Yesterday we took a look at a few favorite gifts for cooks and food-lovers under $10. Today let's step it up just a bit and look at some pretty kitchen accessories and practical tools under $25.

• 1 Ombre Wooden Spoons in Pinky Purples - $18 from o ME and o MY - Love these bright and pretty spoon sets! They come in green and blue too.
• 2 Mini Creamer - $20 from Pigeon Toe Ceramics - A modern classic.
• 3 Handy Kitchen Conversion Chart Tea Towel - $18 at Knife in the Water - Love the dark color and handsome graphics.
• 4 Beer - Four color silk screen print - $25 at Man vs. Ink - The story of beer!
• 5 Concrete Hexagon Coasters - $25 at Culinarium - Modern and beautiful.

• 6 Stainless Steel Colander - $19.95 at Sur La Table - Everyone needs one more colander.
• 7 Ozeri Ultra Thin Professional Digital Kitchen Food Scale - $25 at Amazon - A very practical tool that belongs in every kitchen.
• 8 Danish Dough Whisks - $12.50 at Lee Valley - An unusual gift for a baker.
• 9 French style maple rolling pin with tapered handles - $20 at Olive and Elmwood - A perfect little rolling pin.
• 10 Lifetime Measuring Cups - $19.95 at Lee Valley - My favorite measuring cups!

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(Images: o ME and o MY; Pigeon Toe Ceramics; Knife in the Water; Man vs. Ink; Culinarium; Sur La Table; Amazon; )

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