Use Old-Fashioned Handles to Hang Kitchen Towels

We love pretty kitchen towels, but ours are still hanging ignominiously from the fridge handle. We need a better way to show off (and air out) our kitchen towels. Here's one handsome idea from Country Home.

They suggest using old-fashioned iron door handles, mounted on the wall, as towel hooks. These are secure little spots for your towels, not as slippery as an actual hook. Also, if you hang out in thrift stores, flea markets, and other such places, you can often find very interesting antique door handles for not much money.

There are some other good ideas for repurposing old iron accents and door handles at Country Home; check it out.

Read more: Iron Works at Country Home

Where do you hang your kitchen towels? Have you come up with any particularly good solutions?

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(Image: Country Home)

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