Upper Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Many a small kitchen has a modest footprint but lots of room in the vertical direction. This especially goes for old houses and apartments where ceilings were built higher a century ago than today's standard eight feet. Which leads us to the upper upper cabinet: a great idea for squeezing in some extra storage if you have high kitchen ceilings:

Of course, this isn't where you want to store your everday kitchen goods. It will take a ladder or a friend to help you reach this high, which means such cabinets are reserved for seasonal items, lesser-used cookware and the like.

Do you have second-tier upper cabinets in your kitchen? Do you find them helpful? And what do you store there?

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(Images: Nancy Boszhardt, Attic Mag, Canadian House & Home, Doesn't Cost the Earth, HomeCraft Cabinetry)

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