United States of America Made Out of Cast Iron Skillets

Have you ever wanted a cast iron skillet shaped just like your home state? What? You didn't know that was a possibility? Indeed it is, thanks to Alisa Toninato, an artist in Madison, Wisconsin. She has created the entire contiguous United States out of cast iron skillets!

These gorgeous skillets are fully functional works of art — pans you can really cook in, but also pieces you can hang on the wall.

The installation of the entire set of contiguous states in cast iron measures 9 feet 6 inches by 6 feet, and weighs 550 pounds!

The skillets are custom-made, and are priced accordingly. One of these will run you a cool $300 to $400, but hey, anything to show your love of your home state!

More information: "Made in America" Pans at FeLion Studios

(via Man Made DIY)

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(Images: FeLion Studios)

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