Wrap Food Gifts in Paper Bags
Un-Gift Guide 2008

Wrap Food Gifts in Paper Bags
Un-Gift Guide 2008

Faith Durand
Dec 18, 2008

Wrapping gifts in paper bags - sounds rather unromantic, right? Not when you do it like Martha Stewart! Brown paper bags are a low-cost, easy option for making homemade treats and goodies look very pretty under the Christmas tree. Here are a few good ideas on wrapping in a paper bag.

We have a post from last year on packaging candy in a paper bag. This is one of our favorite ways to wrap almost any small gift: Put it in a rustic paper sack, punch holes, tie tight with twine or ribbon, and slip in a branch or two of fresh greenery or holiday decorations to make it pretty.

Old-Fashioned Candy Goodie Bags

Martha also has some good ideas -- we especially like the simple ribbon threaded through the top of the bag.

Gift Bags at Martha Stewart
More Old-Fashioned Gift Bags
Embellished Gift Bags
Here are a few more good ideas for alternative food gift packaging.

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Wrapping Homemade Candy

(Images: Faith Durand and Martha Stewart)

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