Unexpected Favorite: My Oh So Practical Metal Skewers

For those who follow my words closely here at The Kitchn it will come as no surprise when I once again sing the praises of my metal skewer. It's the first thing packed in the essential kitchen box on moving day, it has a home front and center in our space instead of being hidden at the back of a drawer somewhere and it's used almost daily. Want to know why I'm so in love with this seemingly simple unitasker? When I was younger I assumed that skewers were only good for one thing — grilling kabobs. Little did I know they would quickly become my greatest helper when it comes to an assortment of kitchen tasks. Here's a few ways I put them to use:

Grilling & kabobs (why fix what isn't broke)
Testing cakes and baked goods for doneness
Flipping items in a small toaster oven without pulling the racks out
Stirring large pitchers by turning it upside down
Grabbing burnt food bits from the bottom of the oven
Grabbing food bits that fall close to the open flame on a stove top
Unsticking items from our countertop fryer basket
Clearing solids from wire mesh strainers without pushing everything else out
Fishing things out of the toaster without electrocuting myself
Whisk a single egg without sloshing it out of a small bowl

There's many more, but when push comes to shove I'll use a skewer for almost anything I would normally do with other silveware or kitchen tools. Why? I mean I have whisks and tongs and such but a skewer takes up such little space in the sink or dishwasher that it's extra easy to clean and keep the clutter down. If you only use yours for grilling you might try putting them to work doing more!

There are many different options available for skewers in the retail world and although some are thick and some are thin, some are slick and some are twisted, I prefer the straight versions with little loops for handles. Do you have a favorite? Let us know below!

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(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)