Uncommonly Beautiful: Concrete Bowls on the Table

Uncommonly Beautiful: Concrete Bowls on the Table

Emma Christensen
Apr 21, 2011

With these bowls, it was love at first sight. How this artist can take a material like concrete and turn it into something so elegant and modern is beyond us. But we want one. Badly.

The artist Andrew Stuart makes each bowl by hand, sands it down, and then coats it with a food-grade sealant. He makes them in three different sizes and no two pieces are exactly alike.

We'd love simply keeping one on the counter to look at while we work and to store loose fruits or vegetables. On the table, it would be great for holding dinner rolls or even a light salad (depending on how porous the bowl is). Anthology Magazine points out that these would also make fantastic vessels for dining outdoors - no worries about this bowl tipping over in the wind!

Find It! Concrete Bowls, $25 - $55 from Andrew Stuart on Etsy (via Anthology Magazine)

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(Image: Andrew Stuart)

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