Sandwich cookies have always been our favorite based entirely on the fact that you get two cookies for the price of one. Whether you’re a five-year-old or a mumble-year-old, you just can’t deny the sweet logic of that. Check out these tempting - and gorgeous - recipes and tell us which one you’d make first.

Double Chocolate Sandwich Cookies from Gourmet - Dark chocolate and white chocolate! Brilliant!

Pecan Lace Sandwich Cookies with Orange Buttercream from Epicurious - Oh. Wow. Yes.

Mint-Chocolate Sandwich Cookies from Martha Stewart - These bear a striking resemblance to a certain Pepperidge Farm cookie we are addicted to.

White Chocolate Snowballs from Real Simple - Chewy macaroons meet white chocolate.

Peanut Butter Cookies with Milk Chocolate Filling from Leite’s Culinaria - So good

Chewy Almond-Raspberry Sandwich Cookies from Bon Appétit - We love the slivers of almond decorating each cookie.

Alfajores de Dulce de Leche from Sunset Magazine - We’ve had our eye on these dulce de leche-filled cookies for quite some time.

Ginger-Spice Sandwich Cookies with Lemon Cream from Fine Cooking - Tart lemon and spicy ginger go together so well.

Which one to make first? Or do you have another favorite sandwich cookie?

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(Images: See individual linked recipes)