Two Favorites, Together: Open Shelving & Chalkboard Paint

Country Living

I'm a sap for open shelving in a kitchen. I love the way it shows off your dinnerware and serving pieces and all the colors that make up your collection. Then once you add my other favorite, chalkboard paint, I'm sold.

What's so great about this kitchen is how the open shelving is framed against the dark wall, ultimately allowing the ceramic wares to be the pops of color in the space. Instead of hiding your wares away, behind dense cabinetry where clutter breeds, it's a great idea to open the space and show off what you have. Then add the playful quality of a chalkboard backsplash and, again, I'm sold.

What about you, do you love the combination of open shelving and chalkboard paint?

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(Image: Country Living)

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