Turn My Darth Vader Kitchen Into a Beautiful Princess Leia

Reader Resolutions 2013

Name: Elise E
City: Longmont, CO
Resolution: Turn my Darth Vader kitchen into a beautiful Princess Leia.

Here's what Elise says about her goal...

My resolution: I love cooking and entertaining but my kitchen is tiny, dark, isolated and full of clutter. We affectionately call it the Darth Vader kitchen. In 2013 I plan to empower my kitchen and make it a joy to cook and entertain. I am a design-impaired engineer and would love help with both DIY and non-DIY ideas for revamping the space - help me turn this into a space to love. :-)

Thanks, Elise! Readers, do you have any advice or suggestions for her?

(Image: XXX via The Kitchn's submission form)

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Reader Resolutions 2013

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