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You may think that winter is a down time for ice cream. Not so. Jeni's Ice Creams here in Columbus is busily churning out seasonal flavors like Smoked Dark Chocolate with Marshmallows (tastes like chocolate and a campfire) and Blood Orange (think upscale Orange Push-Up). But these pale in taste and seasonal brilliance next to this limited-edition treat for anyone with an itchy throat: Influenza Sorbet.
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This is a brilliant seasonal idea: sorbet for those of us fighting off colds and fevers. (Not uncommon in these cold regions.) Make a smooth, cool sorbet with ginger, honey, and a healthy dose of booze.

We knew that Jeni had made these semi-medicinal sorbets in the past; I spotted them in past promotional shots. There had been a lemon throat sorbet and another version for kids with cherries and chamomile. But there was no sign of a flu sorbet this year... until last weekend, when I nabbed a pint at the shop. And oh baby, it's good. It's almost worth getting sick for.

It has an orange juiciness, like a healthy glass of OJ, followed immediately by a wallop of Maker's Mark that burns it way down with ginger and a final little kick of cayenne. Honey soothes and smooths in the background, even as your nasal passages get cleared out by the spiciness. So delicious and restorative!

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This sorbet, for those of you not within reach of Jeni's, is surely hackable. The ingredients are listed above. Want to take a crack at it? We think a sorbet version, too, of our Ginger Honey Flu Tonic would be worth a try. Better than the sniffles, anyway.

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