We're always for bringing cooking souvenirs back from exotic (and not so exotic) trips. But what to bring? Bon Appétit editors compiled their 6 favorite items — keep an eye out for these on your next trip!

1. France: Copper Bowls- Chefs love the unique qualities copper adds to whipping egg whites, and we've even got the scoop on the best place to buy them.
2. France: Canele Molds- It's pretty hard to make candles, the classic French pastry, without the molds to create their distinctive shape - search for silicone molds which make clean up easier than traditional copper molds.
3. Colombia: Clay Soup Pot- Leave some extra room in your luggage for this one and relish the benefits of a handmade clay pot in your kitchen for years to come.
4. Japan: Ginger Grater- It's no secret that cultures that use an ingredient frequently, like Japan and ginger, will have the best tool for processing it.
5. France: Black Steel Pans- Lightweight (well, for a pan), but sturdy, these pans are comparable to cast iron.
6. Italy: Parmesan Knife- As we mentioned above, you'd no less expect Italians to have the best knife for getting bite-sized hunks of Parmesan with minimal effort.

What is your favorite cooking souvenir?

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(Images: Dana Velden; Kitchen Universe)