(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Last week when we asked readers to share their favorite ways to pack food for a trip, one reader tip stuck out:

Wrapping your food containers — whether packed in tiffins, glasslock containers, or good ol' ziplocs — in a tea towel offers an extra layer of protection in the event of leaks, but there's an added benefit, as Kitchn reader DashingBean notes:

Here's my favorite tip, particularly if I'm packing my own lunch: once I've packed all my food in containers, I wrap them all up in a nice kitchen towel, furoshiki-style, and stow it away in my bag. When it's time to eat, I unwrap the kitchen towel and use it for a personal mini table cloth.

So smart! This is also great should you decide on an impromptu picnic while you're on the road. We may never pack a lunch the same way again!

(Image: Ambatalia 10-in-1 Wrapping Cloth from Quitokeeto)