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When I was in France last fall, I took a wonderful cooking class with Rosa Jackson, and during the class I was introduced to a new sort of peeler. This is a very simple peeler, but it worked so nicely that I made sure to leave France with one of my own!
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
This traditional peeler, said Rosa, is the sort you find in every French kitchen. Every chef she knows peels his vegetables with a peeler just like this.

It's constructed very simply, rather like a paring knife. There's no ergonomically designed handle or swiveling blade. There's one blade, with a pointed tip that comes in handy for digging out potato eyes. There is a one-sided peeler cut into the blade.

This peeler fits snugly in the hand, and it lets you keep a close hold on whatever you're peeling. It's rather different from most peelers I have used, but I really liked the way it felt. I use it often now for apples, pears, and potatoes.

These traditional peelers can be found in the USA at Conran.

Nogent Potato Peeler, $6

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