Trader Joe's Pantry: One-Clove Garlic

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Here's something new we tried last week: Trader Joe's Emperor's New Cloves Garlic - just one clove per head. We were curious about this - what does just one-clove garlic look like? We hate peeling garlic and the sticky juice that clings to our fingers and the knife, so this looked very appealing. See more pictures and our thoughts below...

It looks like this garlic has been bred so that the cloves have very little separation; you can still see their distinct ridges, but there is no papery skin between them.

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I found that this garlic was much milder and sweeter than the garlic I usually buy. An entire head (err... clove) did not punch up a roast as much as I expected it to.

No, this garlic really shines when it's roasted. When you roast it you get an entire head of oozy garlic goodness, without the papery skins to squeeze and fuss over. This is Trader Joe's selling pitch with this variety, and it's highly recommended for this purpose!

Just drizzle some olive oil and crack some salt and pepper over top. Wrap in foil and bake at 375F for about an hour and serve with fresh bread or crackers and some soft cheese. The purple-striped papery skin makes a beautiful presentation.

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