Trader Joe's Opens in NYC, The Wait, it is Over

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Mob. Scene. It looked reasonable from the outside: there were a few people with Trader Joe's bags hailing cabs, and only one person walking out as I approached. Even the aisles, although crowded, were manageable.

But then I saw the line. It snaked past the energy bars and over through the dairy section, down past the Grand Sample Station (everything at TJ's has cutesy names) and into the meat case. Quickly I opted to buy my organic bananas elsewhere, and serve you all with some photos from the inside.

In case you just emerged from a long slumber, Trader Joe's is a chain of neighborhood grocery stores, started in California in 1967, featuring high quality imported and domestic foods and beverages at honest, low prices. There are now about 250 stores in 19 states. Until today, New York City was missing out on the joys of shopping at this unique store.

The wait, it is over.

(More photos below the jump...)

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The crew, they are friendly!

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The products, they are unique and useful!

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The prices, they are low!

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The carts, they are compact!

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The customers, they are flirty, friendly and patient!

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The streets of New York, they are now filled with Trader Joe's bags (don't forget your canvas bags!)

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