Tool Boxes as Kitchen Caddies

Kitchen caddies can be a great way to bring a lot of servingware to the table with just one hand. Just set them on the table for a casual lunch where everyone can grab their own silverware and napkins. Or use them to carry supplies to a formal dinner table, set the table, then whisk the caddy away. One cool way to make a caddy is with a vintage-style toolbox. Here are a few examples: some are for purchase and others are as inspiration from others' kitchens.

  • A modern version of the vintage-style toolbox from Loll Designs.
  • Shaped like an old wooden toolbox, this is actually made of wicker and is available from Pottery Barn.
  • An antique wooden caddy that would make a terrific kitchen caddy, via WorthPoint.

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(Images: Loll Designs, Na-Da Farm Life, Recaptured Charm, Pottery Barn, WorthPoint)

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