Tofu Croutons, Pickled Grapes, and a Microwave Garage

Tofu Croutons, Pickled Grapes, and a Microwave Garage

Faith Durand
Jun 6, 2008

What's looking good today? Well, there's a sleek way to hide your microwave, some good summer snacks and a sad (yet delicious) farewell post from one of our very favorite blogs.

Tofu croutons! Crispy baked tofu squares for extra protein and deliciousness in salads.

• Where should we hide that microwave? In the microwave garage! (via swissmiss)

• One of our favorite blogs, Chockylit's Cupcake Blog, is closing its doors. She is taking a hiatus and will return with a new blog at some point in the future. See her final post here: Lime Tart Cupcakes with Ginger Biscuit Crust.

Pickled Grapes from Orangette at NPR. (via Wandering Chopsticks)

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