What's Cooking This Weekend...

Here are a few of the things we're thinking about doing this weekend. Will you join in? There's lots happening here in The Kitchn. More below the jump.

• Eat lots of citrus while you still can.

• We're plotting and planning for April Fool's Day next Tuesday.

• The Cure is on - here are the Week 2 assignments for the Kitchn Spring Cure

• Read and cook - we have a fun challenge going and you will quite likely win a book if you participate.

• Go out on the town - trips to the grocery and farmers market are in order.

A few more things we'd like to do or are doing this weekend...

Reading Laurie Colwin

• Cleaning food out of the fridge and putting it to good use.

• Reading up on Japanese cooking

• Braising a slab of beef brisket from a local farm.

• Sipping cucumber water.

• Making pudding cakes - lemon, most likely.

• Tossing up an orange, fennel and shallot salad with blood oranges and a Cara Cara...

What are you doing this weekend? Any kitchen plans?

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