Tips for Making a Meal for a New Mom

Mother's Day weekend seems a particularly good time to to revisit a popular question from our readers: My friend just had a baby — what kind of meal should I take? A friend of mine just had her very first child last night, and so this question is on my mind too. So I was glad to see this great article by Deena Prichep in The Oregonian, full of tips, advice, and good ideas on nourishing new mothers and their families.

This piece interviews quite a few moms, asking them what was helpful and what was not, in those early meals just after having a baby. Many of the tips are familiar: One-handed foods to eat while nursing are great, and don't forget about other kids in the family and their tastes.

They all really emphasize, though, that things should be easy on a new mom. She probably doesn't have the time or emotional energy to cook extra side dishes, or to repackage food for the freezer. Make everything super-easy!

Read the whole article: Dinner deliveries help nourish new Portland moms at The Oregonian

Do you have any tried-and-true tips or meals that you like to take to new moms? My own personal favorite is a big tube of homemade cookie dough, wrapped for the freezer.

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(Images: Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan; Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian)

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