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We are always looking for ways to keep our kitchens well-organized and clutter-free, and for many of us it's especially important because we live and cook in small spaces. Here are 20 of our favorite organization and storage ideas from the past year – some from our writers' kitchens, some from the web, and many from you, our readers.

• 1 Storing and Organizing Bulk Foods in a Small Kitchen?
• 2 No Pantry? 8 Tips for Keeping Counters Clutter-Free
• 3 Use Magazine Files to Corral Clutter in Kitchen Drawers
• 4 Speedy Lunch Prep! Make a Sandwich Station
• 5 Plastic-Free Food Storage Alternatives

• 6 Drawers Under the Cabinets! DIY Extra Kitchen Storage
• 7 Smart Pot Rack Idea: Hang It In a Corner Cabinet!
• 8 Help! I Need Creative Solutions for Storing Silverware
• 9 Open Shelving? Try This Double Duty Storage Trick!
• 10 The Cookbook Wall: Bookstore-Style Cookbook Storage
• 11 Tool Boxes as Kitchen Caddies
• 12 Storage Tip: Store Cake Decorating Tools in a Box
• 13 Smart, Cheap Storage & Organization Idea for Canned Goods
• 14 Easy Freezer Storage: Stackable Plastic Jars from Ball
• 15 Dried Pasta Stored in Glass Jars
• 16 Best Spice Storage Solution: Mason Jars
• 17 DIY Project: Easy-To-Label Spice Jars
• 18 Look! Sue's Maximized Spice Storage
• 19 Look! Kombucha Bottles as Spice Storage
• 20 Before & After: Quick & Easy Spice Cabinet Clean-Up

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Welcome to The Kitchn's Best of 2011 roundup! From December 19 through January 1 we are rounding up some of our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past year.

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