Tip: Mustard Powder as Deodorizer

Tip: Mustard Powder as Deodorizer

Regina Yunghans
Feb 4, 2011
Here at The Kitchn, we've talked about many ways to deodorize your hands, your refrigerator, your dishes. But one tip for deodorizing that we haven't touched on uses an ingredient from your spice shelf:

Mustard powder! Create a paste of mustard powder and a little water and use it to wash your hands or dishes. Scrub it in then rinse (it will take a lot of rinsing, as the paste is sticky). The result: Deodorized hands if you've been handling, say, garlic. Or deodorized dishes or food containers if they've retained a food odor.

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(Image: Dean & Deluca)

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