(Image credit: Kaley Ann)

These napkins are absorbent, wash wonderfully well, and super affordable. That's because they're made from IKEA dish towels!

Kaley of the blog Kaley Ann notes that this idea hardly warrants a tutorial because it's so simple. The gist of the project is this: buy a pack of IKEA's ELLY dish towels ($3.99 for a 4-pack), cut each towel in half, iron the edge, then sew a straight line along the hem. It's as easy as that!

She writes that once you run the napkins through the washer a few times, you'll "see their true beauty emerge." But don't iron them — they're supposed to have that laid-back, rumpled look.

See the full tutorial → The Easiest Cloth Napkins at Kaley Ann

Do you make your own cloth napkins? Ever repurposed IKEA dish towels like this?