We have been admiring the beautiful chive blossoms on our rapidly growing plants, but we knew we needed to pick them off - otherwise they'll go to seed and stop growing. We pulled off a few to go with the egg and arugula tartine we just made, but were at a loss as to how to eat them. A chive blossom is rather big and fluffy; as much as we'd like to put a few in our next salad, they'd make too much of a mouthful. The answer is quite simple, though; pick apart the flower puffs. They come apart easily into garlicky, lightly onion scented flowerets that are delicious scattered on a salad or tartine like this.

Try adding a head or two into scrambled eggs for some pretty color, or tossing them in a big pasta salad of with hardboiled eggs, sour cream, and capers. Or mash into some goat cheese with a bit of honey for a twist on this appetizer recipe.

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