A Faster, Easier Way to Chop Fresh Herbs

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Here's a great little tip I picked up at a cooking class in Paris a couple years ago — a faster, easier way to mince fresh herbs.

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Ashley, Paule's kitchen assistant, took a moment to demonstrate this ultra-simple tip. It's so easy I wondered why I had never thought of it! (Classic sign of a good tip, right?)

She put a handful of tarragon leaves in a tall glass, then used kitchen shears to snip the leaves until they were minced fine. The glass held the leaves compressed in a small space, so it was easy to cut them up. The sharp scissors also did a much better job of cutting the herbs finely than a rougher knife would have.

It was quick, easy, and no-mess. All the herbs went straight from the jar into the poultry we were stuffing. Simple!

Have you ever used this method to cut herbs?

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(Images: Faith Durand)

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