Tiny Video Tip: How To Make Magic Shell with Just 2 Ingredients

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Do you remember Magic Shell? Of course you do — it was one of the best parts of eating ice cream as a kid. Magic Shell is just what it sounds like: a chocolate sauce that, when poured over ice cream, hardens magically into a candy shell.

Well, the magic can be yours any time you like, even if you have no Magic Shell in the house. We have a new Tiny Video Tip for you. In just 15 seconds you can learn how to make your own Magic Shell, with only two ingredients.

How To Make Magic Shell Ice Cream Sauce

As seen above, this is really easy. All you need is good chocolate and coconut oil, which are both solid at room temperature.

We use a ratio of about 2 parts chocolate to 1 part coconut oil.

Chop both the chocolate and the coconut oil. Melt them gently and carefully — either on the stovetop, or in the microwave. If you use the microwave, use a low power and stir every few seconds.

Once they are both melted, stir until combined and let cool for just a few seconds. Pour over cold ice cream, watch it harden, then dig in! Enjoy!

Get an Ice Cream Recipe

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Video by David Lee Studios for The Kitchn

(Image credits: Leela Cyd)