Tiny Kitchen Inspiration from a Finnish Cabin

This photo is so rich in inspiration for those of us with tiny kitchens. It's of a little kitchen is located in a Finnish cabin and it looks like it's all set up with everything one could need:

If it weren't for the Artemide lamp and the toaster oven (or is that a microwave?) below the countertop, we may have even guessed that this was in an off-the-grid cabin. They're pretty common as vacation getaways, and are heated by wood-fired saunas. But it appears, from the presence of that appliance, that this one's wired.

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Let's see: It's got a little sink, a single burner cooktop, a wood oven (plus toaster oven as mentioned above), filetered water on tap, shelvesful of dishes and plenty of the essential utensils hanging on the backsplash. It's a visual feast, but one that we like for its efficient, back-to-basics style.

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(Image: Avotakka)

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