Times Top Five: Green Garlic and Banana Popsicles

Times Top Five: Green Garlic and Banana Popsicles

Faith Durand
Jun 18, 2008

Ready for our top five favorite moments in this week's New York Times dining section? Ready, set, here we go...

  1. Garlic, garlic scapes, green garlic, spring garlic...
  2. We love garlic, and so does Melissa Clark. We have to try her green garlic soup with chives and thyme.

  3. Wedding planning!
  4. There's a rush of weddings in California, and we loved this inside look at politics, gay marriage, and the good old-fashioned dilemma of what to serve your wedding guests. Some things just transcend culture and politics!

  5. Sweet, sweet apricots
  6. ...and old varieties, new tastes.

  7. Mexican popsicles
  8. The Minimalist does banana paletas.

  9. Dusk, Midsummer, and Champagne
  10. What a sweet image, and a sweet Champagne to go along.

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(Images: Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times)

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