Times Top 5: Rosemary Skewers for Grilling

From the NY Times Dining Section 07.16.08

Ready for our top five favorite items from the New York Times dining section this week? Here they are, in order. Take a look and tell us - did you have a favorite piece in the dining section today?

  1. Using rosemary skewers for grilling
  2. We love this piece from the Minimalist! Using rosemary skewers for grilling chicken and lamb is so delicious, and the juicy figs he pairs up with it all look amazing. Have you ever used skewers like this for grilling?
  3. iPhone love
  4. Where to eat? Ask the iPhone! We haven't got the new one yet - have you?
  5. Snail butter without the snails
  6. That delicious sauce, without the gastropods.
  7. Sheep's milk ricotta
  8. Local and delicious.
  9. Oysters and skewers at Whole Foods
  10. Just one more way for us to spend money at Whole Foods!

(Image: Evan Sung for The New York Times)

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