Times Top 5: Striped Figs and Tomato Jam

From the NY Times Dining Section 08.20.08

What were your favorite parts of this week's Times dining section? We found it a little heavy on the eating out side of things (suppose it's all that vacation travel?) but there were some gems for those of us staying in this week. Let's start with Bittman...

  1. Sweet tomato jam
  2. No cans needed - in fact, fresh tomatoes are essential. Sugar is needed too, or else it's just tomato sauce. This looks delicious!
  3. Mocktails good enough to drink
  4. Pregnant? Avoiding alcohol? Well, you won't be alone if you serve these mocktails from Melissa Clark; even hardcore vodka drinkers will want to try these refreshing mocktails. There's a generous bunch of recipes too - at least seven.
  5. New kosher grocery
  6. Even if you don't live in Brooklyn, even if you don't keep kosher, this article is still interesting. It's a look at a whole other world of food products.
  7. Striped figs from California
  8. Just gorgeous.
  9. Grownup mac and cheese
  10. Lobster in the mac and cheese? Yes please.

(Image: Evan Sung for The New York Times)

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