Times Top 5: Cold, Cold, Cold! (Oh, Stuffed Chard Too)

From the NY Times Dining Section 08.06.08

My gracious! This week's New York Times section was a doozy. There were so many rich seasonal recipes we didn't know where to look first. We have a whole special piece on one of the recipes coming up in just a bit, but first here's a look at our hard-to-pick favorites from this week's Times.

  1. Cold is the new hot.
  2. Harold McGee explains how cold is the new frontier in cooking and how chefs are finding new ways to harness the power of cold, cold, cold. We had to pick this as our number one spot this week because he gives instructions for ice cream churned in a bag! Ice cream contest entrants, take note.

  3. Rich, robust, and startling good vegetarian food from Nice
  4. The Minimalist gives us chard stuffed with risotto, sage frittata, and more from a vegetarian restaurant in Nice, France. We are totally drooling over these recipes, and we bookmarked the restaurant too, since we'll actually be in Nice in November.

  5. Supermarkets move towards stocking local produce
  6. A very interesting piece on supermarkets are driving towards more local produce.

  7. Melissa Clark's scrumptious apricot parfaits
  8. Watch for a special in-depth feature on these parfaits in just a few minutes...

  9. A whole book on heirloom tomatoes
  10. We'd like this just for the photos!

Those are our top picks from the Times this week. What are your favorites, and did we miss any?

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(Top Image: Tony Cenicola for The New York Times)

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