Times Top 4: Noodle Puddings and Obama's Eating Habits

Times Top 4: Noodle Puddings and Obama's Eating Habits

Today's New York Times is light on cooking and heavy on eating out, with a big focus on the scene in Washington, D.C. But there's an interesting look at how Obama's preferences will influence restaurants, plus some easy recipes for people who are still worn out from the holidays...

1. A foodie in the White House? Obama likes to eat out (while apparently Bush was a homebody), and his preferences go far beyond high-powered steakhouses. Do Democrats eat differently than Republicans?

2. Bittman makes pudding out of leftovers. Noodle, rice, and bread puddings to turn leftover staples into dessert.

3. Oven-roasted broccoli with shrimp. Melissa Clark makes a simple, healthy meal in one pan. We're big fans of roasting broccoli in a hot oven—a great way to make a common vegetable more complex.

4. Harold McGee dips pennies in his wine. The food scientist test drives gadgets like the Wine Wand, which are supposed to aerate and mellow wine in a fraction of the time it would normally take in a decanter. And then there's the bit about copper pennies removing the smell of excess hydrogen sulfide...

Very few recipes in the paper today, but what are you reading?

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(Image: Evan Sung for The New York Times)

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