Lemon Chicken and Controversial Durian

Lemon Chicken and Controversial Durian

Faith Durand
Mar 1, 2008

Here's the hot posts from this last week! Looks like you were all about the real cooking, with tips and discussion coming out on top. Click through for more top posts from our archives and our own personal favorites from last week.

• These bright egg boilers slash egg cups were really popular.

Roasted chicken - lemons inside or out? Your comments had a load of great ideas on making a better lemon chicken.

• It's easy to agree that from-scratch cakes are healthier than box mixes, but will anyone take our challenge and do a speed test between the two?

Spicy oven-roasted chickpeas - did anyone make these for the Oscars show?

• Durian stinks to high heaven but it's creamy as custard - here's how to open the spiny hedgehog fruit. Try it or not? Our commenters were sharply divided...

Editors' Picks
• There was great brown banana inspiration in the comments here.

• What's galangal, and how in the world do you pronounce it? Find out here.

Got the flu? Try the BRAT diet.

• Want a crispy, chewy, or soft cookie? Read our tips here.

Food Safety 101 - take a quick refresher course.

Top Posts from our Archives
No-Knead Bread in a Hurry and No-Time Bread. Oh, and Bittman's No-Knead Bread Phenomenon.

• Is that Dwell for Target collection out yet?

Jamie Oliver and his style...

No-Cream Wild Mushroom Sauce - easy and creamy.


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