Three-Legged Chopsticks from MoMAstore

A trend we've seen in recent prototypes of new kitchen designs is cutlery that fits itself to your hand. These chopsticks marry that trend with the grace of classic chopsticks.

We have a Japanese friend who is so utterly adept with her chopsticks that it seems like they are extensions of her fingers, flashing in and out of bowls as she serves her children and herself. We love watching her hands and we wish we had the sort of grace with chopsticks that comes only with lifelong use.

These sets of three-legged chopsticks aren't quite that graceful, but they make the transition from Western cutlery to chopsticks a little easier, and it seems like they could be beautiful, functional serving utensils for salads and vegetables.

What do you think - have you seen these in person? They're made out of bamboo and come in a set of two.

Three-Legged Chopsticks, $28 for a set of two at MoMAstore

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