This One Small Extra Step Makes the Cheesiest Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever

Tips From The Kitchn

The grilled cheese is the little black dress of sandwiches with good reason: it's classic and never goes out of style. There's just something about the simple-yet-unbeatable combination of buttered, toasted bread with gooey cheese in the middle. But what if you could up your grilled cheese game by making them even cheesier?

A sprinkling of a hard, aged cheese like Parmesan or Pecorino Romano onto the buttered bread before you toast it adds an amazing dimension to the final sandwich. As the sandwich cooks, the outside cheese melts, fuses together, browns, and crisps up, much like frico.

And how does it all taste? Compared with your regular grilled cheese, this fancier version will have an extra-crispy, lacy exterior, and taste toastier, nuttier, and even more delicious. Once you've had this version, you might as well kiss your classic grilled cheese ways goodbye.

(Image credits: Christine Gallary)