This Time Last Year: Best Electric Stoves, Peach and Polenta Tart, and How To Make Popcorn


Whew! There was a lot of good cooking this time last year; we were revving back up after a long summer. There are recipes here for peach and polenta tart, a favorite late night snack, cold soba salad, and reviews of popular products like gel mats for the kitchen and the PUR water filter system. Click through to see more of what was happening this time last year in The Kitchn.

Year Ago Lookback
Seasonal Recipe Spotlight: Figs

Survey: How Do You Make Your Coffee?

Product Review: PUR Water Filter

Design Friday: Palsby Lidded Carafe

The Cheesemonger: Burrata

Recipe: Peach and Thyme Polenta Tart

Is Mario Batali Leaving Food Network?

Good Question: What's the Best Electric Stove?

Product Review: Gel Pro Chef's Mats

How To: Make Popcorn

Recipe: Cold Soba, Sesame and Carrot Salad

Kim Westad's Whirl Dishes

The Celluloid Pantry: Brandy and Champagne and The Big Sleep (1946)

Recipe: Late Summer Bean and Vegetable Salad

Look! Coconut Rum Cake from Gourmet

One Minute Tip: Blade Protection with Sara Kate

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