How To Peel Garlic, Sharpen Your Knives, Bake a Lemon Tart, and Cure Corned Beef

How To Peel Garlic, Sharpen Your Knives, Bake a Lemon Tart, and Cure Corned Beef

Faith Durand
Mar 3, 2009

What were we cooking this time last year? Well, there was a tart lemon tart and sexy, spicy broccoli. We were telling you how to cure your own corned beef in time for St. Patrick's Day, and we were also talking about Kewpie mayonnaise, three-legged chopsticks, lemon spongettes, and how to make hollandaise sauce. Read on for these posts and more from this time last year.

Posts pictured above are in bold below.

• A tart lemon tart, so tangy and bright.

Sexy, spicy broccoli, a recipe that has gone into regular rotation in our household.

How to cure corned beef - a necessary ingredient for St. Paddy's.

What is Kewpie mayo? Turns out a lot of you like this stuff.

Skittle decanter and double-headed milk jugs: goodies from a shop in England.

Lemon spongettes, an easy springtime dessert.

How to peel garlic quickly and easily. Tada!

How to make a cake flour substitute with pantry ingredients you already have on hand.

• What is the best manual knife sharpener?

A recipe for hollandaise sauce, a great indulgence for the weekends.

The best (and worst) foods to eat while reading

Honibe honey drops -- hard honey that won't go sticky in your lunchbag.

Colorful kitchen teatowels and aprons from Skinny LaMinx

Moreish: what does it mean?

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