5 Creative Storage Solutions, Better Pasta Salad, How To Make Iced Coffee, Chez Joan in Paris, and Grilling Indoors

This Time Last Year

What was happening on The Kitchn a year ago this week? Well, there was a lot of grilling. Also, two beautiful little kitchens in Paris, some favorite ideas from kitchen tours, a 12-step set of ideas for better pasta salad, a great quote from Mark Twain, and lemony pasta with ricotta and basil...oh! AND the NY Times best chocolate chip cookie recipe. Read on for these posts plus a few more highlights from this week a year ago.

Posts picture above are in bold below.

• Two Paris kitchens: Chez Joan and Chez Colette and Pierre.

That famous chocolate chip cookie recipe - what was your verdict?

• Do you know what agretti is?

• Good grilling: Sausage with Arugula Pesto.

• 5 creative kitchen storage ideas.

• How to make great iced coffee and better pasta salads.

• How can I grill indoors?

• Favorite recipes: Bittman's chicken adobo, plus fried squash blossoms, Lemony Ricotta Pasta with Basil, and homemade paneer cheese.

• A favorite summer wine: Pietra Santa Chardonnay.

Clean the grill with an onion!

Favo(u)rite British kitchen words....

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