Natural Oven Cleaners, Great Pie Fillings, and Pinot Noir

Natural Oven Cleaners, Great Pie Fillings, and Pinot Noir

Faith Durand
Nov 4, 2009

This time a year ago we were talking pies! We also were discussing natural oven cleaners, and what to cook with inexpensive cuts of meat. Plus: when to dock a pie crust, brown rice with squash and cashews, easy fruit fillings, and the best pinot noir under $20.

• Good meals that take advantage of inexpensive cuts of meat, like salt pork.

• How to keep mashed potatoes warm (or reheat them)

• Pie! November saw a whole month of pies and a big pie contest. Here are a few pies: apple-blackberry pie with ginger, cherry berry pie, and caramel apple crumb pie. Oh and an American cherry pie.

• Great question: Are there natural, non-toxic ways to clean an oven?

brown rice with winter squash and cashews

• It's fall; time to pull out the slow cooker.

• More pie goodies: Pie weights, when to dock a pie, and easy fruit fillings.

• The Cheesemonger's favorite cheap(er) cheeses.

• Need icing? Here's basic cooked buttercream, and simple royale icing.

• Good wine buys: Best pinot noir under $20.

• An awesome easy and healthy snack: kale chips!

Finger tongs? Hot or not?

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